Best interview preparation tips to get hired at FAANG and other top tech companies.

Read the job description carefully.

  • What exactly is the employer looking for?
  • Which skills should you reflex during the conversation with the interviewer?
  • On what basis will the interviewer select you?
  • What is the purpose of an open position?

Research about the company.

  • Talk to your friends, past co-workers, and batchmates who are already working in these companies.
  • Keep an eye on the latest news of targeted companies. Also don’t miss their recent achievements.
  • Search the company’s history, vision, mission, and values.
  • Check their official website and social media pages.
  • Spend a few hours studying the company’s product and services.
  • If possible, ask your recruiter for a “Hire Packet”, which provides information on the company’s culture and values.

Update your resume.

  • Add every information which demonstrates that you are the right fit for the role.
  • Mention all relevant skills, qualifications, achievements in your resume🧐.
  • Put the most impactful experience and accomplishments on the top.
  • Highlight your problem-solving skills and technical expertise.
  • Avoid long paragraphs and use more bullet points.
  • Eliminate all unnecessary details.

Mock interviews can save you.

Search the hiring manager on social media.

Practice most common interview questions.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

In conclusion

  • Researching the company before the interview will give you insight into their long-term plans.
  • Reading job descriptions will give you more clarity about the job title, required skills, and responsibilities of advertised roles.
  • Mock interviews will allow you to evaluate your confidence level, skills, and body language.
  • Searching recruiters on social media will provide you information about their approach and perspective.
  • Updated LinkedIn profile and resume will give the employer an idea about your professional background and personality.




We're a group of people who are at FAANG+ companies who review your resume to help you land a job in FAANG+ companies.

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We're a group of people who are at FAANG+ companies who review your resume to help you land a job in FAANG+ companies.

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